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  • Just what is an Adventure Party?
    An Adventure Party is an active experience where you won't just be staring at a screen. With games, contests, scavenger hunts, and a playable narrative, the choices the adventurers make determine the outcome of the story.
  • What do I need to have ready for the party?
    Once you've booked your party, we'll send you a prep list, including a link to the online party room. Some of the things you may be asked to have handy: Paper, pencil, string and tape Two six-sided dice Optional, but encouraged costumes A tasty treat or beverage
  • How many people can attend a party?
    Our standard one-hour adventure party can host up to twenty adventurers.
  • What age range are the adventure parties for?
    Kids and adults! We offer an adventure party package appropriate for children ages 6-12. We also have adult adventures for adults which include a horror event that is strictly 18+. We can do customized parties. See our pricing page for custom party possibilities.
  • Are kid's Adventure parties educational?
    Kids will learn about mythological creatures and will engage in crafts and puzzles, using their creative and analytical skills. More importantly, kids will flex their imagination and creativity, learning to adapt to obstacles and challenges.
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