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"The party was amazing! I loved running around and then sitting down and acting it out. Also, getting past all the obstacles was really fun."

–Mira, age 10


"Fun activities and engaging stories. The kids had a blast!"

–Pleased parent

"We were trying to figure out how to help our son turn 8 with all the safety issues currently at stake. This captured their imagination, kept them involved, and made them laugh. All the children were engaged and excited. They were laughing and shouting and moving. Thank you for making this so special in such a difficult time."

–Malaya & Frederick

It has been a tough year for all these kids and seeing all of them smiling and having fun was a gift.  

-Kim, mother

"I felt like a hero!"

–Arren, age 8

"The leader was so engaging, skilled at keeping everyone on task, and a pro at preventing the chaos that can come when you put a bunch of kids together. My girls were the youngest at 5 and 6, but the party was inclusive and interesting for all ages."

-Happy Mother

"A fun adventure that lets the kids be kids and use their imagination, just what kids should be doing!!"


Super Hero Kids
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