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Introducing Adventure Parties for adults.

Join your friends online where a guide will transport you,
through immersive stories and games, to worlds of wonder. 

As far as our imagination will take you.


A Highland Adventure

An interactive experience of Scottish swords and passion where your actions decide the outcome.

Escape into the Highlands of Scotland, where fantasy and danger await. The year is 1744 and King George has mandated that Scots bend the knee to the English monarchy but the Celts will not kowtow to the Southern royals.

You and your trusted friends find yourself in a heather-covered moor, huddled around a fire to keep the chill of the damp night at bay. Wuthering fills the air with a howl that somehow mirrors the Scottish soil as it’s trampled by British troops.


It’s a night that will change the world forever, and you’re a part of it. With the moan of bagpipes, a clash of steel, love in the air, and a battle cry that reaches back centuries, your actions will determine the future.

Reign poster just title.jpg

A Horror Adventure Survive the dark

This is a great place to add a tagline.

It's 1984 and a dream get-away turns into a nightmare for you and your friends. Those who survive may never be the same.


Enter the depths of terror online with your friends and hope you all make it through alive. 


No one under 18 admitted.  

Wild West


Pull on your boots for a wild ride with gunslingers and Can--Can dancers.

Lawlessness reigns on the Western frontier, but that doesn't mean you can't have an unforgettable experience. Will you stay out of trouble or purposely find some in a world of saloons, rustlers, and romance?


Welcome to Slanton, Texas. The year is 1883 and a war is being waged to keep the frontier closed. Saddle up and don't forget your six-shooter cuz, between the shoot outs and the salacious saloons, things are about to get wild. 


Myths & Monsters

A fantasy quest to battle beasts and defeat danger. 

Transport yourself to a world of mythical creatures and treacherous sorcery

You and your companions must fight to survive a perilous journey into the dark lands of Gelmar, where a creature has been terrorizing the countryside.


Whether or not you survive is up to your choices, whom you choose to trust, and your fortitude against the encroaching evil. 

Survival in Space

Science fiction comes to life as you fight for yours

Your ship suddenly comes out of hyperdrive in an unsafe section of the galaxy. It looks like someone has sabotaged your system. 


You and your companions must fix the ship and solve the mystery of who among you has nefarious motives, all before your life support gives out. 


Wizard World

A magical adventure in the style of Harry Potter

You are about to enter a world of magic where mythical creatures abound. 
Keep your friends close and your wand closer. 

You’re going to 
need them. 


The Roarin'


Do you have a big event you want to turn into unique, interactive party? Up to 150 guests are greeted to a Gatsby-style soirée and get to enter rooms with live offerings such as dance lessons, mixology, and jazz performers.

This is available as a stand-alone experience or to compliment to your event. We'll work with you to make your event the bee's knees where your guests can get all dapper and head out for a night on the town, without ever leaving home. 

Inquire for pricing and more details.


Brigitte Baden-Rennie

Sam About Town

Gather your friends and take yourself on an imaginative, cleverly crafted and COVID safe adventure because dang it, excuse the language, let yourself go and enjoy yourselves. Y’all sure deserve it.

I absolutely loved it! Yes, it warrants an exclamation mark.

Mind’s Eye has managed to create a fun, accessible cooperative storytelling experience that’s a great time. All that’s needed is a willingness to play along.

Libby Parker

Upside Adelaide

With an exciting storyline, plenty of challenges and a healthy amount of laughs, Shelby Bond’s  Adventure Party is excellent for families and perfect if you’re looking for some entertainment but can’t/don’t want to leave the house.


your friends

Invite up to twenty of your friends. This event is perfect for a special occasion or just to get together with friends in a new way. You're going to love this online adventure!


an adventure

This hour-long, interactive social event of games, story, and laughter is $150 for up to 10 people
and $200 for 11-20.

Custom parties from $250.

Inquire for corporate event rates.



to leave this world

You will receive all the information you'll need to know to arrive for your journey ready to quest, love, drink, and be merry. 


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